As a software developer, you understand how essential good API documentation is. Django Rest Swagger does most of the work for us!

Why We Document Our Django Projects With Django Rest Swagger

Every developer knows documentation is essential. If you're working on various projects at the same time you'll need it to keep track of each one. If you're working in a team, you'll need to effectively communicate with your colleagues. 

Regardless of your reasons, you should always have reliable documentation of your work. To do so, you need to use the best tools and develop the best practices.

About Django REST Framework

We love Django. And we use the Django REST framework for building web APIs. We find it is a powerful and flexible toolkit, and we wouldn't change it. 

If you haven't tried it, we strongly recommend it. Once you try it, you'll love it and stick to it. And at that time you'll need a great tool to document your APIs: Django REST Swagger.

About Django REST Swagger

Django REST Swagger was developed by Marc Gibbons. It integrates the Django REST framework with the Swagger API documentation tool. It supports REST framework versions 2.3 and above.

What we love about Django REST Swagger is that it produces well-presented documentation. You may think it's not a big deal. As professionals with many years of experience, we can assure you that it is.

Another great feature you may find useful is that this package includes interactive tools, which make it easier to use.

Documentation Django Rest Swagger

Using Django REST Swagger

Getting the package running is very easy. It can be done in two simple steps:

1) Install it:

    pip install django-rest-swagger

2) Add rest_framework_swagger to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:





And that's it! To get started, you can use the get_swagger_view shortcut.

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