Are you starting a company and need to design a new logo? Here’s some advice that will guarantee your startup business a killer logo.

What You Should Know Before Designing A Logo For Your Startup

The aesthetic of your business is a major part of your corporate identity. And having a great logo is the most important part of your business' aesthetic.

 Are you starting a company and need to design a new logo? We've been there, and we'll share with you a simple process that will guarantee you a killer logo.

 Let's make something clear from the start: you should hire a designer. Depending on your budget, it can be a graphic designing agency or a freelancer. But there's no way around it. Unless you are in the graphic design business, you should leave it to a professional.

 However, it's important that you participate in the process. Your logo designer should be entitled to an opinion, based on his or her experience and knowledge of the market, but you must have yours as well.

 So what should you look for? First of all, remember your logo -and all your graphics- are aimed at your potential clients. It doesn't matter what you like or what you fancy: it's all about what they like and what they fancy.

 Then, try to identify what feelings you want your logo to transmit. Should it be funny and colorful? Or should it be serious and elegant? Or maybe serene and minimalist?

 Find at least two adjectives that describe what your logo should look like. Write those words down. Now try to find as many icons, fonts and color palettes that match your description as possible.

 To find icons, you can go to Google Images or Shutterstock. To find fonts, you should try Dafont. To find color palettes, visit Coolors.

 When you finish your search, you'll end up with dozens of icons, fonts and color palettes. This means there are just too many possible combinations for you to go through.

 However, there is a 4 point checklist that your logo should have. Eliminate every icon, font and color palette that doesn't check all 4:

  • Your logo must be simple and clean, not distracting, not confusing.
  • Your logo must be recognizable and memorable.
  • Your logo must be timeless, so you shouldn't need to change it every 10 years.
  • Your logo should be versatile and able to adapt to different sizes and media.

 After running this checklist, you must be able to narrow your options down to 3 or 4. Then it's time to hire a graphic designer to work on these logos. And make sure he or she works hard on it until one of these logos stands out as the perfect logo for your business.

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