DjangoCMS is the biggest Python CMS, trusted by huge organizations like NASA, Canonical and National Geographic. Here’s why it’s so awesome.

Our DjangoCMS Review: Why We Use It And Love It

DjangoCMS is the biggest Python Content Management System (CMS) software, trusted by huge organizations like NASA, Canonical and National Geographic. 

What’s so great about it? I was asked to review djangoCMS on Quora, and that got me thinking. Here are the main reasons why I think djangoCMS is awesome, and why you should use it.



First things first: djangoCMS is powered by Django. This means all the great advantages of it will be present on django-CMS. 

It is backed by Divio, a Django-pioneer company – and our official partner. Divio offers world-class development tools for agencies and organizations. 


Admin UI

One of the strong points of djangoCMS is its user interface. The admin UI is and cleaner and better structured than the official Django admin site. 

Because I had experience with Django, I instantly knew how the djangoCMS admin UI worked and where to find everything. But new users who have never used Django won’t have any difficulties in getting comfortable with djangoCMS. It’s really easy to understand!



Another major pro of djangoCMS are the templates. DjangoCMS uses the Django template system. This means it is possible to integrate an existing Django project with djangoCMS.

Creating new templates is also very easy, with a considerably small learning curve. Unexperienced users learn to do it in no time.


Publisher Tools

DjangoCMS offers a variety of integrated tools for publishing content. It handles menu hierarchy, page creation, and structure. Plus, it offers the simplest-system-ever on content editing (just a double click on the content you need to edit does the trick). 

It also provides a toolbar for easy access to useful links in the user’s site or admin panel.



Personally, my favorite thing about djangoCMS is the community. 

Just as Django, djangoCMS has exceptional documentation. It also has a Marketplace for djangoCMS-supported packages which has a fair amount of plugins. There’s nothing I couldn’t find in there.

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