Multitasking has negative effects for companies. Here’s a detailed list of reasons why your small business can benefit from outsourcing.

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Outsourcing

Business owners and managers tend to think that multitasking is an asset. It is true that employees who are able to perform several tasks are preferable to those who can’t. But is multitasking actually good?

According to 2013 estimates, multitasking costs the global economy $450 billion annually. With a drop in productivity and an increase in anxiety and fatigue, multitasking has negative effects for companies.

If you have to manage a small business, you surely feel you don’t have enough employees. That’s why you may request that they do more tasks that they should. If this sounds like you, then you should try outsourcing some of those tasks.

We’ve prepared a detailed list of reasons why your small business can benefit from outsourcing.


Reduce costs

The most obvious way your business can benefit from outsourcing is cost-cutting. 

By outsourcing certain activities, you don’t need to hire new employees to do them. You won’t need to train current employees either. Instead, another company can do it for you, at a lower cost and with much more experience.

You don’t need to hire web designers and developers if you can simply outsource your web tasks to a development company.

By outsourcing your marketing, market research, and development expenses, you can lower your prices. This will give your business competitive advantage. And your customers will appreciate it.


Boost your performance

For startups and small companies, budget limitations are a serious issue. Don’t you agree?

Companies that offer outsourcing services are prepared to start working with you right away. They have the experience and the personnel to do it.

Outsourcing can give you a faster ROI (return of investment) than having to hire and train employees for in-house work. 

It also allows smaller companies to compete with big corporations. Marketing is an excellent example. Should a startup with 5 employees hire and train a marketer to do research and develop a marketing strategy? There’s no need. It’s easier and more efficient to outsource.


Focus on your strengths

In the end, outsourcing is all about focusing on what you do best

You should transfer tasks that, although essential, aren’t what your business specializes in. You’ll have time, energy and money to spend on your strong points. Outsourcing companies can help with those tasks you don’t really know how to handle. 

Smaller businesses struggle with the market, the competition, and government regulations. There’s no point in adding marketing, bookkeeping or payroll management to that list. 



Outsourcing is a great practice that can help small businesses and startups. By reducing costs and improving performance, it is an investment worth doing.

Of course, outsourcing can be risky. It has to be done with caution, only for those tasks you and your team aren't prepared to handle.

In the end, our advice is: focus on your strengths, outsource your weaknesses.

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