Email marketing is one the main tools of digital marketing. Here's how your business can generate sales through email.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Startup Business Get More Clients

Over a third of the world population uses email. Every day, these users send about 200 billion emails.

Can your startup's emails stand out from this incredible amount emails? Is it possible to use email to generate sales?

Of course! In fact, without an email marketing strategy, your business is bound to fail in the digital world.


What Email Marketing Is and Isn't

Email marketing is on the main tools of digital marketing. And it has nothing to do with spam and cold advertising.

An email marketing campaign is a planned strategy. You should send a variety of content to your clients, your prospects, your blog subscribers, and everyone related to your business.

But what's so special about email marketing? The content you create and send should be different for each recepient. It should target their specific stage on their Buyer Journey, and it should be interesting and informative.


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Why Email Marketing Beats Social Media

Social media is extremely popular, and it's a great way for people to know your business.

But because Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are so massive, they are ineffective for personalized marketing strategies.

Let's say you're offering a discount for new customers. Should you post it on Facebook? Don't you think old customers will be happy about not getting the discount?

Unlike social media, email marketing allows you to create different contact lists: clients, long-time clients, potential clients, people who subscribed to your blog, clients who subscribed to your blog, etc.

You can create as many lists as you want, and send personalized messages to each list.


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Why Email Marketing Grows Customer Relationships

Email doesn't only create great marketing opportunities, it also gets you closer to your clients. You can write generic emails but make them look like they were written especially for each recipient.

You should avoid cold emails like "10% discount on all our products", and go for something more personal: "Hey Tom, I think you may be interested in our latest discounts".

Doesn't it feel different? These sort of personal details will make your clients and leads trust you and make you seem closer to them. Email marketing can help you grow long-term customer relationships.


How Email Marketing Generates Sales

In the end, every business must generate sales. If you implement great email marketing strategies you can increase your sales to levels you wouldn't consider possible.

The key is classifying each lead correctly. First of all, you must identify how they got to know your business. Was it the blog? Was it Google? Was it social media?

Then, you need to check how much interest they have in your business. How many times did they access your website? How long did they stay?

Finally, you must take note of the specific products are services they may be interested in. What blog articles did they read? Did they put any articles in the shopping cart?


By answering all these questions, you'll be able to put together very specific lists for your leads. All you have to do then is create targeted content to convince them to go through and purchase from you or hire your services.

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