Chatbots can drastically improve your client experience and help your business stand out

How Chatbots Can Help Your Small Business Stand Out

Modern websites are all about UX design. If you're not thinking from the user's perspective, you're way behind your competitors.

One of the main ways to stand out is by using chatbots. User experience design meets artificial intelligence: they are the future of digital interaction.


How Chatbots Work

Chatbots are computer programs designed to interact with the visitors of your website. They mimic human conversations.

Chatbots have a set of predetermined rules. Basically, you can program chatbots to act according to your desires.

If a client has a question, your chatbot can give the same answer you would. If a client needs help with a form, your chatbot can help him.


Benefit  #1: Customer Service

Chatbots can give your website the cozy feeling of a physical store with friendly employees.

Visitors can get lost in your website, and chatbots are there to help them. Whatever your possible clients are looking for, chatbots can show them the way to get them.

You should focus on what you do best, and outsource basic interactions – like answering questions and guiding through the payment process – to your chatbot.

Chatbots can't really substitute human interaction. They can only mimic it, but they are good at it. In the digital market, they are the best tool you can use for improving customer service.


Benefit #2: Advertising

Another great feature about chatbots is that they can advertise your products. 

Of course, since it's on your website you might think that you can advertise your products anywhere. But chatbots are special.

Because you're creating an interaction with your visitors, they'll feel attached to your chatbots. And they'll listen to their advice.


Benefit #3: Analytics

Finally, chatbots are great for gathering information. 

Whatever it is your visitors tell your chatbot, you'll have it recorded. You can then use it to better know your clients and improve your services.

You will also know when and why your clients interacted with your chatbot. Was it before filling a form? After going through your portfolio?

Every piece of information you can get from your chatbots can help you in understanding what you may be doing wrong. 



Including a chatbot in your website adds to it. It will improve your interaction with visitors and give you a great opportunity for personalized advertising and analytics.

What are your thoughts about chatbots? Let us know in the comments!

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