If you're creating a business and need to build a team, we've prepared a 3 step guide especially made for you.

How To Build A Great Startup Team

All startup founders have one thing in common: they believe in themselves. They are enthusiastic about their products and think they've got a chance to succeed.

But enthusiasm isn't enough. A startup's success depends on having a great team. A weak team could bring down any business.

If you're creating a business and need to build a team, we've prepared a 3 step guide especially made for you.


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Determine the positions needed to complete your team

Before building your team, you need to identify which positions are essential - and which ones aren't. When building your team, you should only focus on the essential positions.

The first step is assigning tasks to yourself and your startup’s co-founders.  What positions can you fill permanently? Which ones can you fill temporarily, until your startup takes off and you can hire more employees?

Now think about the remaining positions. Try to identify how many employees are needed to fill them, and what specific talents and background they should have.

Since most startups have a limited budget, you should always prioritize the most essential tasks, and try to fill them with the smallest number of people possible. Remember this is just temporary. Once your business gets some success, you can expand your team.


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Choose between full-time employees, freelancers and partners

Once you determine the positions you need to fill, you have to choose how you're going to do it. You have 3 alternatives:

Full-time employees will work exclusively for your business, but they will cost you more. At first, you should only hire full-time employees for positions that are essential to the success of your business, like a project manager or sales representative.

Freelancers work for many companies at the same time, and they can fulfil a specific task at a low cost. Freelancers are the best choice for administrative positions. If you find these freelancers are effective at their job, you can offer them a permanent position once your company takes off.

Partners are other experienced companies that know how to get things done. You can rely on them to take on large tasks that your startup can't handle. For example, when you're starting your business you can make a web development business your partner. They can create your website and web products while you and your employees focus on what you do best.


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Train and motivate your team members

After you identify the essential positions and choose who will fulfil them, it's important to train and motivate your team.

Many leaders fail because they find the perfect candidates and give them complete responsibilities. But teamwork is more important than individual performances.

That's why post-hire assessment is so important. You need to train your team, explain them your business goals and motivate them to give their best.

You should always be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and give your team the time and space to give new ideas and share constructive criticism.

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