Managing a startup is exhausting. These are the top 5 time-consuming activities that every startup should outsource right away.

5 Tasks Your Startup Should Outsource

Startups are changing the entrepreneurial landscape. With little money and big ambitions, they are trying their way into success.

If you own or manage a startup, you know it's hard. At least at first. There are too many things to do, and it's easy to get lost in all of it. You could really benefit from some expert's help.

We have already discussed how outsourcing can benefit small businesses. But it's usually startups who would benefit the getting some of those tasks outside the company. 

We'll share the top 5 time-consuming activities that every startup should outsource right away.



Bookkeeping is hard and time-consuming. By outsourcing it, you can decrease your operating cost and save some time to work on your business. Plus, you'll get specialists to work on your financial data. And they'll know how to it better than you.



When it comes to paying salaries, figuring out taxes, and filling out payroll forms, there's no point in even trying. Just reading about it must leave you exhausted. It's the same as bookkeeping: it's better to pass it on to specialists and stop worrying about it.


Administrative Support

This is a tough one. Most managers want to handle administrative tasks the old way: with secretaries. Sure, they get the job done. But it will cost your business a lot more. For startups with few investors, it's better to focus on hiring talented employees that will take you to success. Leave the administrative support to virtual assistants.



Independently of your business area, you're going to need to invest in marketing if you want to get things going. But there's no need to hire a marketing team. You can simply outsource the task to a creative agency or freelancers. They can write content for your website, blog articles, and even take care of your social media!


Web Development

Last but not least it's web development. Your startup will need a modern website in order to stand out. Hiring an in-house developer would be a waste of money. All you need is someone to design and set up your website, and a little support once it's online. The best option for startups is to hire a web development agency

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